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Interval Ownership Opportunities - Be an Owner at Poste Montane


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Jonathan Adgate

Associate Broker | Vail Valley Interval Sales

Assistant General Manager | Poste Montane Lodge



Own a Hassle Free Vacation Home
As an owner, you have all the rights and privileges of other property owners because the property is fully deeded to you. Your ownership offers flexibility and is hassle free. In addition to using your property, you can trade with it around the world via Interval International, you can make it available for rental or you can give it as a gift to friends or family. Now is a great time to invest in a fully furnished spectacular condominium or suite at the Poste Montane Lodge.  Own your vacation!


Why consider interval ownership?
Interval ownership (also called timeshare, vacation or fractional ownership) is a sensible way to own your own property for just the period of time you will use it.


Does it make sense to purchase a wholly owned condominium?
For most people, this option is cost prohibitive and really does not make sense when you will vacation in the Vail Valley only a few times per year.


Why not simply rent a condominium or hotel room when you vacation?
Over the long term, the cost of interval ownership is more effective than renting. In addition, you are better able to plan your vacations because you know where and when you will be going. Interval ownership is a wonderful compromise between whole ownership and renting. You only pay for what you use. Costs of maintenance, utilities, taxes, upkeep and administration are kept to a minimum because they are divided among all the owners of the property.

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